My Friday feature is typically a home I am listing but today I want to feature me. Ready to serve you for any of your residential real estate needs! My hands on approach and expert marketing proves time after time to be the perfect combination to make the transaction as smooth as possible.  While sometimes curve balls pop up during the process I have the experience to manage and successfully conquer objections, anticipate obtacles, challenges and complicated property sales.  I also have the passion and personality for much anticipation and challenges.  Not much surprises me after having almost 2 decades selling full time in the Miami real estate market ! Permit issues, survey discrepancies, square footage discrepancies over 100 sf!, inspection issues (almost always 😌), insurance problems, bank/lending institution challenges and then we have to work with all different types of people.  Buying and selling a home is personal, most of the time an emotional event that is consuming  and is a huge life decision and a huge financial commitment unlike commercial real estate. The other day I didn’t get interviewed for a $9 million condo because they looked me up and my biography does not boast a bunch of $9 or $10 million dollar properties.  What they don’t realize is the deals that are under $2 million for the most part are much more complicated.  The homes under $1mil for that matter historically seem to have more hurdles, issues and need more attention. Think about it a $9mil property should be move in somewhat ready condition in a condo buidling for the most part in Gables and the Grove.  There is whole different set of issues like the decor if the sellers' taste is not in line with the majority of what buyers seek and it has to be gutted but the seller does not make sense with this.  Whether I market a $5 mil home or $500k house I always put my all into it and provide the highest quality of international marketing with @sothebysrealty @onesir always!  I also don’t send assistants to do my showings and my work. You hire me and guess what you get me!  Most of the time sellers of $10mil properties are disconnected and disillusioned and get caught up with the fame of some high end brokers and think they will sell it to their client since they are bettered networked.  Maybe this happens but for the most part it is listed at too high at first and at a price that is above market so they list with broker #1 and then it expires and they change and list with broker #2 and then it expires and then they list with broker #3.  Third time is the charm?  Well maybe but most of the time the seller has to go through their own emotional process to eventually understand and come to grips with the fact that their property is not as highly sought after as they thought it was and really come to grips and want to sell.  While I don't have super high end listings nor have I sold $10 million and up property in my career; I don't think it really makes a difference in the big picture as my marketing and skill set to get it sold is on par with any top broker out there that lists super high condos coupled with the fact that I am with a leading luxury brokerage that dominants the high end market. Just my two cents happy friday!