With the Olympics in full swing in Russia, we’re all watching the snowy broadcasts of athletic prowess and pondering the possibilities of that Olympic dream. Maybe Miami isn’t the best base camp for winter sport practice, however South Florida offers some excellent compounds which provide cross-training opportunities for the most athletic among us. For example, this Kobi Karp designed home at 8750 Ponce de Leon Road is currently under final phases of construction.

Athletic heaven at 8750 Ponce de Leon Rd

Pool for cross training at 8750 Ponce de Leon Rd

The new 7 bedroom home offers an indoor gym and squash court along with a full sized basketball court and pool outdoors. The theater is a perfect venue for reviewing performance footage with coaches and the private surroundings intend to protect residents from preying competitor surveillance. To schedule a private showing of this property with the Jill Penman Group,  call the experts at 305.807.9199.

Living room perfect for post work out relaxation

Dining room for fueling up before your next competition

Work with a Coconut Grove specialist as you explore real estate opportunities in the lovely community, call today for a buyer or seller consultation with the Jill Penman Group at 305.807.9199. Our philosophy is that bigger is not better, better is better. We focus on the results that matter most to our clients and look forward to working with you.