#MyTownTuesday Time! Cooking is one of my favorite things to do when I am not working real estate. I am always seeking the best food in Miami when I am not in the mood to shop and cook. Originally from upstate NY, Buffalo not only has really good pizza joints but amazing restaurants. My family and I love to critique food and pizza is an easy meal to pick up and enjoy for the entire crew! Here are some of my favorites including one of the best frozen pizzas that I am sharing with you that I am obsessed with and only 2 grocery stores in Miami carry it. We recently tried Pizza Johnny’s for the first time and it did taste like the pizza from Buffalo 🦬 that I grew up with so I am pleasantly impressed. I wish @Lucalimia and @eleventhstreetpizza had stores in the Grove since I live too far away for delivery and with traffic too far to indulge sometimes when we love immediate gratification! It is no wonder @stoolpresidente scores high for my favs