Real Estate is one of those professions that knows no boundaries. In some ways you are always working, cell phone always on the ready to move a deal along or show a property (so you better make sure you charge it multiple times a day!).  While this can sometimes may intrude into family life, sometimes I find fun ways to get my family involved.  As my team and I work on a significant refresh of my webiste,, my crew and I hit the neighborhood today to capture content for the new website and to check how many new projects and developments are coming along. It’s important to keep abreast of what is going on in the community of Coconut Grove and today I had some fun with my hubby and youngest 2 boys as we biked around and took pictures and notes.

We also stopped by some of our favorite Grove stomping grounds to see the sites and my boys were on the Pokemon Go hunt (happy to say it continues from a year ago). I am told that it was a success as well as they captured some “rare” and “legendary” Pokemon.  My youngest of 4, Blake is just starting to get into Pokemon and he has found my 15 year son’s old collection of cards and it is cute to see him get entrenched now!

Staying in touch with the communities where you specialize is part of what makes one an “expert” and there is no better way to take in the community than by bike or on a brisk walk. Work with an experienced and trusted Coconut Grove specialist as you explore real estate opportunities in Miami’s most sought after communities. Call today for a buyer or seller consultation with the Jill Penman Group at 305.807.9199.  My expertise in local real estate and the global luxury market delivers extraordinary service that has firmly established my brand as an international luxury real estate leader for the past 15+ years. Read more about how I tirelessly chase the results that matter most to our clients and reach out to experience this for yourself.