In September we had a lot of closings!  The summer listings went quickly into constract with lots of Septmeber closings.  The financed deals had a few delays but without worry as with interest rates the banks are overwhelmed.  I feel fortunate to be healthy during this time and continue to take all necessary precautions when I show in person using booties, masks and lots of hand sanitizer.  I constantly wash my hands as well of course.  I always have had a large bottle of sanitizer in my car even pre Covid.  I have to touch lots of door handles, open closets, turn lights on and prepare homes.  With that said, I am touching lots of surfaces.   I have asked my sellers to turn lights on which minimizes the contact.   I feel fortunate to have had a healthy personal and business summer sales as well as finishing out the year strong.   The market is so much fun when it is so busy and go, go, go!!!!  It reminds me of the days in 2004 and 2005 when we had homes sell in a day, backups in place and property sell for over ask!