Group Lead, Jill Penman continues to focus on the power of teams in Real Estate today.

The Jill Penman Group is pleased to announce the addition of Shanut Anaut and Kristy Martinez. They join an established team of real estate professionals including experienced agent, Ana Gonzalez, marketing specialist, Vanessa Guzman and Jill’s hand-picked and specialized marketing and support partners. The group welcomes local Miamians Shanut and Kristy as they continue to expand their reach into niche Miami Neighborhoods.

Born in Coconut Grove and raised in the crossroad between Shenandoah and The Roads, Shanut has lived and breathed all things Miami meanwhile developing an almost innate insight of the city. With over 10 years in the industry, Shanut has solidified a record of successfully guiding local, national and international clients in all aspects of their real estate endeavors. She is committed to providing a diligent, honest and satisfying experience for all clients- past and future alike. Even with individual success, something was missing which led Shanut to seek partnership with Kristy and eventually join JPG. “We strongly believe in, and actually prefer, the team model. From experience we have learned that together we can accomplish much more for our clients than we could individually. Not to mention- it’s a lot of fun!” Says Shanut.

As a Coral Gables native and a resident of South Miami, Kristy has built a wealth of knowledge and nurtured invaluable relationships within her community and neighboring areas. No matter how complex the transaction, her immeasurable passion for real estate is what fuels her commitment to best serving her clients. Her transparency and professional character are what allow her to build and maintain solid relationships. “We want to be able to give the best service and advice to our clients.” Says Kristy, “That being said, one person cannot be an expert at everything. As a team we are able to maximize each of our own strengths to successfully deliver a high standard of service for our clients”

“The team model is the future of Real Estate” says Jill Penman, the Group’s leader. With the proliferation of technology tools and marketing platforms for agents today, and all the time, effort, and money it takes to market properties today, it only makes sense to leverage that across a handful of agents, not to mention the ability to collaborate.” Somewhere between the value provided a broker and individual Realtors is a gap filled by Real Estate Teams. Jill’s success in Real Estate over the last 15 years, most recently with brokerage ONE Sotheby’s naturally led her to move towards a team model. When asked why join the Jill Penman Group, Kristy responded, “We have followed Jill’s work as an example for quite some time now, even prior to making our move to ONE Sotheby’s back in March.” “Her approach to real estate is so inviting, fun, fresh, and fierce – we admire her ability to somehow balance work, family, and social life – all while looking great.” adds Shanut. “These girls are exactly what I am looking for in team members, because I know they embody what today’s client is looking for.” Says Jill. “Smart, digitally savvy, locally connected, involved in the community, switched on, and sophisticated.” I honestly believe our team is the future of South Florida Real Estate.” This is the team to watch in the 2016-2017 busy season as they focus on providing outstanding outcomes for their clients.

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