A good night’s sleep is a priceless investment. Hästens, a Swedish maker of all-natural beds, mattresses and sleep accessories since the 19th century, has perfected the art of catching some precious z’s. In addition to retail partners, the luxury brand operates two Florida showrooms in Boca Raton and Miami. The latter, which recently opened, features a sleep spa to test wares.


Fresh Rx, whose food-as-medicine programs supply South Floridians including hospital patients with healthy, organic fare, expanded its services to meal deliveries and virtual cooking classes. Choose from experiences such as vegetarian and pescatarian menus with drinks and dessert; monthly, farm-to-table meal subscriptions; private chef catering, and DIY meal kits with virtual instruction by “Chopped” judge and chef Marc Murphy.


The Underline’s remarkable vision is taking hold. Designed by the same firm behind New York’s High Line, the 10-mile linear park beneath Miami’s Metrorail unveiled its first phase. Extending through Brickell, the section packs in walking and biking trails, a running track, basketball and volleyball courts, exercise equipment and areas for community classes. Enjoy public art, butterfly gardens and picnic tables, too.


Tammy Fender, founder of the namesake, skin-care brand and spa in West Palm Beach, always has wellness news and exclusive offers. She introduced a Mini collection of her premier, holistic formulas made with natural and organic ingredients. Try Celestial Rose Crème with manuka honey, Quintessential Serum, Plant Milk, Clarifying Dermagel and two treatment masks to discover your favorite products.


Posh pajamas have been one of the top-selling items during the pandemic. Black Iris, a women’s contemporary label, released new, limited-edition sets, and naturally, they’re flying out fast. Made from seersucker cotton fabric imported from Japan, pajamas come in white and dusty blue. As a bonus, tops double as chic blouses for Zoom meetings and dinner dates paired with jeans.