Of all the changes happening in Coconut Grove, none is more significant than Regatta Park. It is very rare that a community is able to reclaim large spaces for greenspace, and the Grove has often been criticized for lack of access to the waterfront. Ever since I moved here in 2001, there has been reviews of master plans, discussions around the Grove waterfront, speculation, meetings etc. Much criticism of the Expo center being used for the Burn Notice studio was followed by much criticism for not resigning them for more City income. Once the Expo center was demolished and plans revealed, the “who moved my cheese” crowd complained about the connected plans for the Scotty’s Landing / Charthouse space. On top of that environmental issues with toxic soil contamination and a 26. million dollar design against a 2 million dollar budget and it looked like we were destined to be looking at a wasteland for years similar to the old hangars before Grove Harbor came in and developed the space.

If you follow me, you might have seen me write a few articles on the topic over the last 2 years:

Initial Plans for Dock Masters Office and Park

Plans Continue for Regatta Park

Early 2015 Update

Well, as most of you know, the soil toxins were remediated and although the initial 26 million dollar design will not see the full fruition,  a 7 million plus Regatta park is quickly nearing completion. Although I do not know the exact grand opening date, the project seems weeks from completion as major landscaping and infrastructure has been in for weeks, sod is already in, major walkways are completed and being pressure cleaned, and clean up of many areas is ongoing.  Crews have been working as early as 7 AM both Saturdays and Sundays to complete the park.

The completion of the park looks to be timed with 2 other significant water front projects. The new Dockmaster / Dinner Key Marina Office and the parking renovations near the Coconut Grove Sailing center. While on a walk yesterday, I captured a handful if pictures for those of you who have not looked closly at the progress being made behind the green fence on South Bayshore Drive. Enjoy!

The Palm Tree Cove

The NorthWest Entrance

Sod is already in place while the clean up construction debris

Workers busy finishing the concrete walkways, even on a Saturday!

A beautiful tree lined walkway

The main entrance from the East / Marina area

No longer will the waterfront sit in darkness. The fixtures abound in the park.

The Kids play area. Could it have a water play feature?

Stone cut coral lines the walkways and driveways

Concrete benches waiting to be placed

The original art I call “Stonehedge” that was in front of the expo center still stands in it’s original spot

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