Coconut Grove Development – The Winds of Change

Coconut Grove Development – The Winds of Change

As we kick off the New Year, I am posting the first of 2 articles on some significant changes to our Coconut Grove community. I wrote an article a while back about the Grove Harbor development project. The project plans to replace the current Scotty’s Landing, Chart House, and marina with a complex of restaurants, retail space, parking, and marina facility. That project that has polarized the village was approved in a November 5th vote and baring a few pending lawsuits will get underway.

Two related projects that are now underway are the demolition of the Coconut Grove Expo Center and the creation of a new Dinner Key Marina Dockmaster Building. The demolition of the Expo Center is in full swing after years of being utilized as the filming studio for USA Networks “Burn Notice.” This building, also known as the Dinner Key Theater, is most famous for the ill fated Doors concert and subsequent arrest of Jim Morris. Once demolition is complete, the area will be reclaimed for public park / green space. Per the City of Miami Coconut Grove Waterfront Master Plan.

The new dockmaster facility is much needed improvement to Dinner Key Marina, one of largest marinas in the nation.

I was out for a walk with my little one the other day and thought these pictures were interesting. I never really looked closely at the building in the 14 years I have lived here. Did anyone ever shop at the Jay’s Quick Mart?

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