It is certainly rewarding when you find the most perfect property for your client especially when it is not on the market for them to find themselves. As a specialist in Miami we find out about off market opportunities all the time.  I like to consider myself more of a matchmaker than a salesperson.  You can’t force a buyer into purchasing a property nor do I think this tactic will ever work with referral or extended opportunity.  Purchasing a property is like finding a lifelong partner or soulmate.  You feel it in your soul and it is something you determine is the proper fit and sometimes it is known right when you walk into the home.  Sometimes it will be impossible to find the perfect match since your client doesn’t know what they are looking for until they find it themselves.  Regardless of them finding it or you finding and bringing the property to their attention most likely you have showed them a dozen or more properties and have been working with them for months.   Let’s face it 99% of buyers looking for a property go online and look at all availability since you can nowadays with ease.  Once you find the property or they find it orchestrating the sale and is next like planning a wedding!

Work with an experienced and trusted luxury South Florida specialist as you explore real estate opportunities in Miami’s most sought after communities. Call today for a buyer or seller consultation with the Jill Penman Group at 305.807.9199.  My expertise in local real estate and the global luxury market delivers extraordinary service that has firmly established my brand as an international luxury real estate leader for the past 13+ years. Read more about how I tirelessly chase the results that matter most to our clients and reach out to experience this for yourself.

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